Landing Pages & Conversion Optimization

Let’s go over a few definitions. Two of the most important words in optimized internet marketing are “traffic” and “conversion.” What do they mean, though?

  • Traffic: The number of views your site, ad, or landing pages receives.
  • Conversion: The rate at which your site traffic translates to inbound leads. How many people who click on your links will eventually call your number? Your percentage of conversion can be calculated by dividing the number of calls you get from a landing page by the corresponding traffic.

When you establish a landing page for a particular product or service, you need to know both the traffic going to it and the rate at which that traffic is picking up the phone. This information will show you: (a) whether your landing pages are attracting clicks by being properly optimized for search, and (b) whether the landing page itself is persuading people to actually call your service.

Anybody who is willing to invest the time, energy and effort can drive traffic to a website, but traffic is useless if it does not convert to leads. My internet marketing agency tracks the entire lifecycle of how your prospects are interacting with your website from the time they click on your ad until the time they actually pick up the phone or fill out a form. We are able to gather data and intelligence to help us make adjustments and improvements so we can increase your website conversion. The industry average website conversion is 3%. Our average client’s website converts at over 40% using our technology.


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